• four glasses of coffee served with cream
  • beer tap with various beer choices
  • bar interior with large-screen TVs

9ers Breakfast
Brew & BBQ

About us

Here at 9er's we treat everyone like they're part of the family. We pride ourselves in giving back to our community, cleanliness and using only the freshest ingredients. We hope you truly enjoy our food and making memories here with your loved ones. 

Who is 9er's Diner & Pub?

Everyone always tries to figure out what 9er's means. No it isn't the 49er's football team, GO BROWNS. It's actually our last name. We are the Neiner family. 9er's is family owned and operated. If a family member isn't here, then our staff is and they are just like family. They step up every single time they are asked, being so short staffed during the pandemic they really pushed through and busted their butts. We cannot stress how much we appreciate them.

Our mission is to serve quality food, with a good atmosphere. To create memories and treat everyone like family. We try to give back to our communities in any way we can. From fundraising to collecting and matching donations, being a drop off location, sponsoring local groups and activities, donating food, etc.

We like to believe you get what you receive. We love to give back because our community gives so much to us.

Now the diner & pub part, because that's a little confusing too. We started as a diner at the end of 2018. Mirroring our sister restaurant Charlies Dog House.

The community was so welcoming and things were going really well, until 2020. When the pandemic hit, we took a hit, as did every other local business. We knew we had to try to adapt to stay afloat. So, we got our liquor license, a car smashed though our front entrance(if you know, you know) forcing us to create an alternate opening. We took over the vacant spot next door to us, put in a garage door (ironic, with the car, I know) and created the pub.

We incorporated our house smoked meats (yes, we actually smoke it all out back) and appealing cocktail menus, with delicious alcoholic and non alcoholic flights. And that's how 9er's Diner & Pub came to be.

In September 2022, we will be going on 4 years in business. It has been unforgettable and our growth is so humbling. Thank you for your patronage, for supporting us, for supporting a dream and for being so understanding during these last few years. Here's to many more! Welcome to 9er's and welcome to the family.